Are BlackBerry really that different, we think so?

BlackBerry always listens to each individual candidate or employer we will never place you in a box, everyone is different, similar yes but never identical.


BlackBerry is on a continual development journey, we embrace technology, are developing and adding additional modern techniques to our platform.


BlackBerry encourages prospective employers and employees to embrace on-line interviewing which speeds your recruitment process up by 95%.

BlackBerry & Candidates It’s your life and your journey we at Blackberry will help you to enrich your life, learn, develop your knowledge and hone your skills, you may have all the tools in your armoury and just want the chance to prove to an employer your worth it, we will listen, we will never judge you, we will always offer advice and our thoughts, you will make the final decision not us.

We can assist you in finding Live in positions or positions in your area whatever you need we will try our hardest to exceed.


BlackBerry & Clients Our aim is to partner your business, never seeking or asking for sole provider, you will have other avenues open, so we would encourage you to use them alongside us.

Happy to give FREE advice at any time, will be competitive, we understand clients want the best service at the best rates we will always offer competitive options which you as the client can take advantage of, it’s always your choice.

Likewise, we operate a standard 8-part rebate system none of this 25% in week 1 rubbish simply divide the invoice total by 8, why make things difficult.

BlackBerry is contactable 24/7 ready to assist any candidate or client, you operate all week, so do we.
Simply call 01244 980111 if we are available to pick up we will, if not we are busy so please leave a message, your contact details so we can call you back, or email
Outside usual office hours the recorded message is sent to one of our teams mobiles and they will call you back.

BlackBerry Recruitment Limited a UK Registered Company Registration Number:11158033


Blackberry Recruitment Ltd  Own & Operate The Following Domains: