Client Terms, You Asked we Listened?

Your Choice You Decide?

Our Fees Simplified


Clients are always asking for the best rates, or can we do a deal, so BlackBerry listened, during the squeeze we all worked through we introduced a promotional flat rate fee, which if we withdrew now would BlackBerry Feels annoy many of our regulars, so we decided to let sleeping dogs lie?




                       What’s the Cost?


BlackBerry can offer rates for chefs from 9% - 14% as promotional rates with standard rates from 15% to 30%, for all other staff a flat rate fee maybe available or 5% to 12% we let you the client decide.


We will on the last page of every CV publish the options available for that specific candidate YOU the client decides which terms suit you.


The terms YOU THE CLIENT HAS SELECTED *and BlackBerry Has agreed are clearly published on your invoice and as long as YOU make the payment in cleared funds into our account as agreed we will hold these terms, HOWEVER go one day over and the terms will revert to our standard terms, these are NEVER reversible so please don’t ask.



An example:

A CDP on let’s say £8.50 per hour we can invoice you for payment on signing at our lowest promotional rate of £1,909.44, like to pay us after 21 days that rate will rise, and fees would also to £4,243.20 so you the client decides save £’s or cover our financing, admin and interest charges, we get the same amount whatever?



Again, BlackBerry has simplified these:

Take the total invoice amount divide it by 8, we will rebate / refund you as per your selected terms of business at 8 equal amounts for every unworked week or part of a week?

This saves so much hassle we are sure you have better things to do than quibble over a few £’s we know we have?

Remember its you the client who selects which terms you wish to do business with us under, we comply and so do you simple?

Assembling a Team:

BlackBerry will work with clients and sharpen its pencil, we cannot discount chefs below the 9% promotional rates EVER they are so hard to find these days, after all why would you use us if you could attract them, with all FOH staff we do get more volume coming to us so we can be flexible on these and discount them for clients wishing to recruit for several positions.


Does BlackBerry Value Its Clients:

We think so, with love our long term working partnerships, BlackBerry does not want to be branded as just another “recruitment company” we feel more like an extension of your HR department.

Our MD has many operational years in your industry under his belt, be warned he can chat for hours, understands the financial restraints and what’s happening out there with employees, always happy to chat even if you never ever use us, at least you will have first-hand the latest information about what’s happening out there, and you can then decide.


*Please be aware that BlackBerry & Its Factors reserve the right to run Credit Checks on any client and terms are subject to satisfactory credit references being obtained.

Want To Find Out More

Simply Call - 01244 980111


Blackberry is contactable 24/7 ready to assist any candidate or client, you operate all week, so do we.
Simply call 01244 980111 if we are available to pick up we will, if not we are busy so please leave a message, your contact details so we can call you back, or email
Outside usual office hours the recorded message is sent to one of our teams mobiles and they will call you back.

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